Join the local food movement! Grow your own fresh, sustainable, pesticide-free produce from any indoor space.
The AEVA grows up to $125 worth of produce each month (and you’ll be delighted by how easy it is).

**Good things are worth waiting for: The AEVA will begin shipping in Autumn of 2018**

Order yours now to secure your spot and we'll give you one month of free seed pods and nutrients.



Secure your AEVA today! With a single payment you will own the AEVA forever. You will select your seed pod options when we ship your AEVA. 


$449 + $31/mo

Be one of the first to own the AEVA with an easy down payment of $449 and then 18 monthly payments of $31 once we start shipping. 




We can send you everything you need to keep your home garden thriving. Choose from our handpicked produce packages and the delivery option that suits you best.

3 months unlimited $90
6 months unlimited $160
12 months unlimited $300

Package Options



Our produce packages are crafted for optimal growth and flavour. Each package comes with the nutrients you’ll need for the month.


Kale Powered Greens: Nothing but nutrients and flavour: three kale varieties pack a serious punch. We’ve thrown some body into the mix with hearty Collard Greens. Disclaimer: filling up on fibre and nutrients may give you super-human strength.

This package contains: Red Ursa Kale, Purple Kale, Starbor Kale, and Collard Greens Expect to see first germination at 5-7 days, first harvest at 6 weeks, with harvests available every 1-2 weeks after that. Up to 5 total harvest per plant.

Super Salad Mix: Super charge your salads with flavours you never expected from your veggies. From the beautiful colours Rainbow Chard brings to a dish, to the authentic peppery flavour of fresh arugula: no-fun salads are no more!

This package contains: Rainbow Swiss Chard, Romaine, Buttercrunch, Salanova, Arugula. Lettuces: Expect to see first germination at 5-7 days, harvest at 6-7 weeks. One-time harvest plant. Arugula & Swiss Chard: Expect to see first germination at 5-7 days, harvest at 6-7 weeks. One-time harvest plant but also can be a cut-and-come-again plant when harvested every 2 weeks (Up to 5 total harvest per plant).

Cocktail Mix.png
Cocktail Mix: Love playing bartender at your cocktail parties? Us too ;) Up your game with super-fresh mojitos or an unexpected lemongrass G&T. Just don’t blame us when everyone wants a plus-one for your next get together.

This package contains: Peppermint, Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Lemon Grass. Expect to see first germination at 10-14 days, first harvest at 6 weeks, with harvests available every 1-2 weeks (basils: 2 weeks, rest: 1 week) after that. Up to 5 total harvest per plant.

The Classic Caprese: Impress your dinner guests with this healthy favourite - they’ll be floored when they realize what a difference fresh produce makes. Flavour-forward and nutrient-rich - your work lunches are about to become a no-brainer.

This package contains: Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Spinach. Tomatoes: Expect to see first germination at 1-2 weeks, first harvest at 6-8 weeks, with harvests available approximately every 7 days for up to 2 months. Spinach: Expect to see first germination at 7-10 days, first harvest at 7-8 weeks where you will harvest the entire head. Basil is ready to harvest after 6 weeks and can be harvested bi-weekly for up to 5 harvests.

Herblicious Chef: Channel your inner Italian Grandmother by filling your home with the aroma of basil. Level up your Taco Tuesday’s with fresh cilantro. Why pay a premium for herbs that end up going bad? Pick what you need and let the rest grow.

This package contains: This package contains: Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Dill, Rosemary, Thyme, and Peppermint. Expect to see first germination at 10-14 days, first harvest at 6 weeks, and then harvests every week for cilantro, dill and parsley, and every two weeks for the rest. Up to 5 total harvest per plant.

Refined Herb Mix: Add a professional touch to your home cooking. The right herbs elevate any meal - and they’re so easy to use! Have those flavours on hand for your next culinary masterpiece.

This package contains: Oregano, Dill, Thyme, and Chives. Expect to see first germination at 10-14 days, first harvest at 6 weeks, and then harvests every week for dill and chives, and every two weeks for the thyme and oregano. Up to 5 total harvest per plant.




The AEVA is 70” tall (or 177cm), 36” wide (91.5cm), and 9” deep (22cm) taking up just over two square feet of floor space (we designed it for condo living). 

Set-up is quick and easy (we send the The AEVA almost completely assembled). All you need to do is unpack it, find the perfect spot (obviously Instagram your #hardwork), anchor the unit to the wall (no tools required), fill it up with water and you are good to grow!




Save money

The AEVA can grow 5-10lbs of produce per month - that’s over 35 servings. Depending on where you shop and what you grow, the savings on groceries can be up to $1500 per year! Affordable food that’s super high quality? Yes please.

salad (1).png

Clean food, good food

Growing your own food means you know exactly what went into it. You'll feel confident that what you’re eating is super fresh and nutritious. An added bonus of our pesticide-free solution?  Everything you grow will taste amazing. 


Improved living

Having plants growing in your home works wonders for your mental and physical health. The air you breathe will be cleaner and fresher. It’s science: Living with greenery is shown to improve mood and overall well-being. 


Easy to use


When you grow using a hydroponic system it takes out the need for soil. This means no mess and no bugs. The pumps and lights run on a timer so you can set it and forget it! If you’ve had challenges with gardening in the past, rest assured the AEVA is for you. You’ll save the time you spend scouring for decent produce and get that amazing feeling that comes with creating something yourself.



Here’s the passion piece for us. We need to chance a change to how we grow our food. Poor agriculture practices continue to hurt our precious planet. We’ve lost over 50% of the Earth’s top soil, we’re running out of fresh water, and pesticide use is hurting both people and ecosystems. We’re as fed up with this as you are.

Our systems uses 95-99% less water than traditional agriculture and is pesticide-free.

In fact, we are so dedicated to sustainable practices that we make every component of the AEVA from bamboo composites and recycled plastics.