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    Does the system use water?

    Yes, you fill the system using a bucket once every two weeks. No direct water line is needed.

    What are the dimensions of The AEVA?

    The AEVA is 70” tall (or 177cm), 36” wide (91.5cm), and 9” deep (22cm) taking up just over two square feet of floor space (we designed it for condo living).

    Are the lights and cabinet included?

    Yes the grow lights are specially designed for plant health and the cabinet houses the electrical and water.

    What can I grow?

    Technically you can grow anything. We will help you through the process - anything from leafy greens and herbs, to strawberries and cucumbers.

    How much food can I grow?

    You can expect 5 – 10 lbs of food per month after the first month. That is 35 servings of fresh food each month, enough for more than one a day!

    How do I change the order and amount of plants I am receiving?

    You will login to your customer space on the website to change your orders. You will set-up your customer space in the two weeks before we ship the AEVA to you.

    What kind of electrical outlet do I need?

    We use a standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet.

    How much electricity does it use?

    The AEVA uses between 10-15 dollars a month (using our 48W LED light).

    Where can I put The AEVA?

    You can put the AEVA anywhere indoors! We recommend somewhere you can show it off with pride, however we have seen it put in some wacky places (attics, closets, bathrooms, etc)

    Do I need soil?

    No soil is needed; we use grow plugs.

    What about fertilizers?

    Yes, we use organic and salt based nutrient fertilizers.

    Is the product easy to put together?

    Yes, only a few tools are required. The product comes with installation instructions. We also provide an installation service.

    Can I order the seeds separately?


    The product will be in an open space - what about pesticides

    We are GMO and pesticide free.

    How many plants can I plant at the same time?

    8 per tower.

Customer Service
    Is there customer service and support if I have questions about my AEVA?

    Yes, we can be reached between 9 and 5 EST from Monday to Friday, +1 (514) 708-4071.

    For pre-orders with the financing option: do I start paying monthly immediately?

    You will pay the first month deposit and the rest of your payments will not start until you receive the AEVA.

    What if I want to cancel my pre-order before it ships?

    We are sorry to see you go but we understand. We will fully refund your pre-order.

    What kind of warranty do you offer?

    If any of the moving parts (lights, pump, timers, etc) don’t work or break through no fault of your own we will send you a free replacement in the first two years. If your unit is not affixed to the wall, you jump on it, or a wild chimpanzee escapes the local zoo and tips over the unit breaking it we will do our best to help with repairs but you will be charged for any parts we need to replace.

    Where can I contact customer service?

    Customer service can be contacted via the contact button at the bottom of this page or directly at ctidd@justvertical.com

    Do you ship to countries other than Canada and the US?

    Unfortunately, we currently ship to only Canada and the US. We are hoping to launch in Europe and Asia in 2019 and be global in 2020.

    How long until my pre-order arrives?

    We are anticipating that your pre-ordered unit will arrive Autumn 2018. We will keep you updated with email updates along the way. We will also make sure to confirm shipping with you before we send the unit.

Environmental Aspects
    How much water can I save in comparison to conventional farming?


    Packaging is a huge problem, how do you solve that?

    The solution we offer is building farms as close to your table as possible. We have installed farms inside cafeterias, kitchens, and offices so that when you want the produce it can go directly to your plate. No packaging needed!


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