AEVA Set-up

  1. Clear out the area you want to get growing with your AEVA make sure you have a standard 110-120 V electrical outlet to plug into nearby
  2. Unbox the AEVA, inside you will find the following:
  •          1 x Assembled upper growing area with built in irrigation
  •          1 x Cabinet base with doors and built in electrical supply
  •          1 x Shelf for cabinet
  •          1 x Water pump with quick connect
  •          1 x 21L Water reservoir
  •          2 x Foot for the cabinet base?
  •          2 x LED grow lights with plug-ins
  •          1 x Mechanical timer for lights
  •          2 x Anchor to secure to a wall
  •          12 x M8 Screws
  •          20 x Net pots? Grow Pods/ Baskets for upper growing area
  •          20 x Net pot? covers for seed germination

3.      Begin by placing the cabinet on its back and affixing the feet through the base of the cabinet as seen in Fig. 1 using 6 M8 screws

4.      Turn the cabinet right side up and place the upper growing unit on-top of the cabinet and affix to the cabinet using 6 M8 screws through the top of the cabinet

5.      Pass the irrigation lines and electrical through the centre port in the top of the cabinet

6.      Plug the mechanical timer into the power supply built into the cabinet

7.      Plug the LED lights into the mechanical timer inside the cabinet

8.      Plug the built-in power supply into the wall

9.      Set your timer and test the lights are turning on and off as normal (see troubleshooting section for difficulties)

10.  Insert the 21L water reservoir into the right side of the cabinet

11.    Place the pump inside the water reservoir and connect the pump via its quick connect to the central plumbing

12.   Fill your water reservoir with cold tap water and plug the pump in to the main power supply to ensure that the system is running correctly

13.   Congratulations your AEVA is now set up and ready for use!


Using your AEVA

1.       Unpack your pre-seeded plugs for your Just Vertical subscription

2.       Place the pre-seeded plugs into your AEVA net pots and into your growing unit

3.      Cover your pre-seeded plugs with the provided net pot covers to generate humidity that helps with germination

4.      Ensure the water reservoir is filled up with water

5.      Pour your starter nutrients into the water reservoir to begin the germination process

6.      Set your light cycle to the prescribed amount in your subscription package (if you lost it you can also find it on our website!)

7.      Make sure you keep the water reservoir full – we recommend checking the water level once per week

8.      Add a single serving of nutrients (pre-portioned in your package) to the water reservoir every two weeks

9.      Once the seeds have germinated and leaves are visible remove the net pot cover

10.  Harvest and enjoy your plants! Instructions on harvesting times can be found in your subscription package or on our website at



Maintaining your AEVA

1.       Weekly wipe off any debris or splashing of water or nutrient runoff to maintain the visible appeal of your AEVA unit – add: Daily removal of decaying plant matter

2.       Monthly wipe out any accumulation of debris or salt buildup from the water reservoir and rinse out

3.      Every 3 months remove the face of the tower and wipe off any salt accumulation on the irrigation system, visually check that all irrigation points are working, remove any excess root mass that didn’t come out when harvesting previous plants -add: leaks, clogs in emitters, light bulb checks and wipe down





·         Lights aren’t turning on:

1.       Check the lights are plugged in at the bulb side? and into the timer, check the timer is plugged into the power supply and the power supply is plugged into the wall

2.       Make sure your timer is set to be in the ON position and not the OFF position on the timer

3.      Test that your wall outlet works by plugging in something else and ensuring there is power

4.      Test that the timer is working by plugging it directly into the wall and plugging something else into it – add: day/night tick marks are set appropriately

·         Only one light is turning on

1.       Check the daisy chain connecting one light to the other is plugged in

2.       Check that the power connections from the lights are securely in place

·         Lights are flickering

1.       One of your plugs is loose, plug all lights in firmly in ballast

2.       Check the power from the wall is consistent

·         How much light should the plants receive

1.       Check our guides online for light timing


·         There is no water being delivered to the plant sites

1.       Check that the pump is plugged in and drawing water

2.       Check that the quick connect is connecting the pump to the irrigation system

3.      Turn the pump off, remove from water and clean its built-in filter

4.      Remove the face of the tower and check the individual irrigation sites for clogs or debris –plant site areas are free of debris

·         There is no power to the pump

1.       Test that your wall outlet works by plugging in something else and ensuring there is power

2.       Test your pump by plugging it into a wall outlet directly

·         Plants aren’t growing properly:

1.       Hot air, cold air, no air movement or too much, too much nutrients, pH, Plant Health section, pest and plant management, placement in pods, pets, too close to fans?, not trellised/too much hang