AEVA Set-up

1.       Clear out the area you want to get growing with your AEVA make sure you have a standard 110-120 V electrical outlet to plug into nearby

2.       Unbox the AEVA, inside you will find the following:

1 x Assembled upper growing area with built in irrigation

1 x Cabinet base with built in electrical supply

1 x Water pump

1 x 12L Water reservoir

2 x LED grow lights with plug-ins

2 x Timer for lights and irrigation

2 x Anchor to secure to a wall

16 x AEVA pods for growing

16 x Humidity domes for starting new seeds

4.      Unpack the cabinet and place the upper growing unit on-top of the cabinet making sure to slide the pipes through the holes on the cabinet and the screws through the cabinet

5.      Fasten the top to the cabinet by screwing in the wingnuts onto the bolts that are now in the centre top of the cabinet

6.      Plug the timers into the power supply built into the cabinet

7.      Plug the LED lights into the timer inside the cabinet

8.      Plug the built-in power supply into the wall

9.      Set your timer and test the lights are turning on and off as normal (see troubleshooting section for difficulties)

10.    Connect the 1/4” tube (the smaller size tubes) coming from the pump via its barbed Tee to the two 1/4” tubes of the central plumbing, this is your supply lines to pump water to the plants

11. Connect the two 1/2” tubes (the larger tubes) to the barbed Tee and make sure the bottom of the Tee runs back into the reservoir, this is the return line where the water the plants don’t absorb will be pushed back into the reservoir

12.   Fill your water reservoir with cold tap water and plug the pump in to the main power supply to ensure that the system is running correctly

13.   Congratulations your AEVA is now set up and ready for use!


Using your AEVA

1.       Unpack your pre-seeded plugs from your Just Vertical subscription

2.       Place your seeds into your peat moss plugs. Insert the plugs with seeds into your AEVA net pots and into your growing unit

3.      Cover your pre-seeded plugs with the provided humidity dome to generate higher humidity and temperature to help aide germination

4.      Ensure the water reservoir is filled up with water, aim for about an inch from the top of your reservoir

5.      Pour your starter nutrients into the water reservoir to begin the growing process or if you are using bulk nutrients, put in 30mL nutrients of both A & B blends/bottles

6.      Set your light cycle to the prescribed amount in your subscription package (if you lost it you can also find it on our website!) Set to ‘TIMER ON’ not ‘OUTLET ON’ for the prescribed amount of time (12-18 hrs). You can choose when the lights turn on and off based on suitability for your living space.

7.         Set your irrigation timer to run for 15min an hour for all 24hrs. This is done by simply lifting every 4th tooth on your mechanical timer. It doesn’t matter when this starts.  

8.      Make sure you keep the water reservoir full – we recommend checking the water level once per week

9.      Add a single serving of nutrients (pre-portioned in your package) to the water reservoir every two weeks or if you are using bulk nutrients, add 10ml every two weeks

10.      Once the seeds have germinated and leaves are touching the humidity dome remove the dome or after 2.5 weeks (whatever occurs quicker)

10.  Harvest and enjoy your plants! Instructions on harvesting times can be found in your subscription package or on our website at


Maintaining your AEVA

1.       Weekly wipe off any debris or splashing of water or nutrient runoff to maintain the visible appeal of your AEVA unit, remove any dead plant leaves - don’t worry this is normal for plants!

2.       For best growing practices, wipe out any accumulation of debris or salt buildup from the water reservoir and rinse out monthly at the most (more cleaning, more often the better)

3.         Make sure to consistently add your 10ml of A and B nutrients each week and topping up the water





Lights aren’t turning on:

1.       Check the lights are plugged in at the bulb and into the timer, check the timer is plugged into the power supply and the power supply is plugged into the wall

2.       Make sure your timer is set to be in the ON position and not the OFF position on the timer

3.      Test that your wall outlet works by plugging in something else and ensuring there is power

4.      Test that the timer is working by plugging it directly into the wall and plugging something else into it


Only one light is turning on

1.       Check that the power connections from the lights are securely in place

2. Try rotating the bulb that is not on. It may be loose it its connector


Lights are flickering

1.       One of your plugs could be loose, plug all lights in firmly in at connection points

2. The light could be loose in its ballast, try rotating the bulbs in the ballast

3.       Check the power from the wall is consistent


How much light should the plants receive

1.       Check our guides online for light timing, generally between 12 and 18 hrs per day depending on what you are growing.



There is no water being delivered to the plant sites

1.       Check that the pump is plugged in and drawing water

2.       Check that the quick connect is connecting the pump to the irrigation system

3.      Turn the pump off, remove from water and clean its built-in filter


There is no power to the pump

1.       Test that your wall outlet works by plugging in something else and ensuring there is power

2.       Test your pump by plugging it into a wall outlet directly


Plants aren’t growing properly:

1.              This could be one of several issues, some common ones are listed below

2.              Air flow or temperature. If your plants are chronically exposed to any of the following: hot air, cold air, no air movement or too much air movement this could be exposing your plants to lots of plant stress. This often happens if your AEVA is next to an exterior door that is opened frequently or if located next to a drafty window.

3.             If you accidentally added too much nutrients to the water reservoir this could affect your plants negatively. If you add far too much (40 ml or more than you should have) you should empty your reservoir and add fresh water and nutrients

4.             If you are running on well water or non-municipal water one thing to look out for is the pH content of your water which could negatively affect your plant growth.

5.             Any other issues please feel free to contact the Just Vertical team