Often called the Californian Chili or New Mexico pepper, the hot Anaheim pepper was actually from New Mexico. However, the pepper was later brought to the southern states of America by the famous Mexican farmer Emilio Ortega. Almost 10 times less spicy than a traditional Jalapeno pepper, what the hot anaheim lacks in spice, it makes up for it with its versatility in the kitchen. If you’re not too resilient to spice, then the Anaheim peppers work as a slightly spicy and flavorful substitute to bell peppers. Anaheim peppers should be ready to harvest in about 13 weeks. Some recipes that capitalize on its mild but tasty flavor are a smoky four-pepper salsa and Anaheim Buffalo Chili.


Germination Time: 10 to 21 days

Harvest Timing: 70 to 90 days

Source: West Coast Seeds

Best way to store seeds: Store in cool, dark and low humidity environment

*Non GMO and pesticide free

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