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At Just Vertical we want you to enjoy the smell of your fresh herbs and the crunch of fresh greens without having to worry. This experience first approach translates into everything we do from construction, to delivery, to helping you grow and it shows in what our customers have to say about us. Get your own AEVA today to experience why we have a 5/5 star rating and leave your own review.


See how the AEVA looks in different spaces

Curious what AEVA looks like in your home?

We have partnered with an augmented reality firm so that you can see what the AEVA would like in your space before you buy it. Try clicking the view in 3D button from your phone to have the AEVA projected into your room or view from your computer to see the AEVA from all angles.



You can almost taste it! Get your AEVA now and start growing.



Buy your AEVA today and you will have your fresh herbs before you know it

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